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Scheduling & dispatching

Delivery and setup time reduction.
Optimized planning procedures based on customer orders and full capacity sequencing depending on available resources and configured constraints. Includes: splitting and grouping operations, adding production notes, calculating material and tool requirements, notifications in the event of insufficient stocks (current or future) or delays in delivery.

Warehouse Management

Simplifying the logistics process management of raw materials, semi-finished products- from external suppliers or from other departments/plants (intra-company) – and finished products and user support during logistics activities.  All movements are recorded in real time which allows the calculation of future stock requirements, taking into account quantities allocated for orders as well as for raw materials ordered.

Execution & Control

Immediate interaction between the operator and machinery. 
Supervision of all phases of implementation and production progress by collecting process information in real-time. The transmission of variable data to the lines, via industry standard protocols, allows data exchange with all main machine control systems.

Track & Trace

Real-time information on material consumption and origins and batch quality.
Recording production and logistic history of each material allows the operator to obtain an instant view of all movements and operations regarding any batches and sub-lots at any time, including  which machinery and staff were employed, which raw and packaging materials were used and what the stock movements were in regards to these operations.

Quality check

Definition, assessment and quality control.
Quality monitoring of all materials used, from raw materials to packaging materials, taking into account their characteristics. The tests carried out allow the definition of constraints to be used during the production process, the company quality standard and – indirectly – the quality of the final product.


Product identification in compliance with industry standards: management of data associated with printing labels for lots and sub-lots together with logistics and production reports. Thanks to dedicated connectors, printing takes place using the MASTER Factory printer server or the most commonly used industrial labeling systems (such as NiceLabel, Markem).


Optimized allocation of production personnel on the base of skills and availability, both at dispatching and during order release, to determine how many and what types of employees are needed in regards to each operation to be carried out. It records the time taken by the staff to complete each single operation and it notifies in case of staff unavailability or insufficient personnel. 

Reports & Dashboards

Analysis of current performance and process efficiency: immediate visualization of real-time and historical data to measure the efficiency and productivity (KPIs + OEE) of every aspect of the production process. Standard features can be expanded by using the integrated configurator to obtain customized reports and dashboards.


Centralization of the production process know-how and unlimited access to information: CAD designs, electrical plans, HACCP documentation, recommended procedures, safety instructions, hyperlinks, etc. Production staff can consult the information at any time to reduce the incidence of errors.


Performance and efficiency of production plants. Recording statistics regarding machinery allows to monitor the performance and to plan the maintenance activity, preventing anomalies, malfunctions or sudden machine breakdowns and increasing plant efficiency.



Full integration with the new generation of ERP and third-party systems:
Business Cube (with which MASTER Factory is natively integrated), SAP S/4 HANA, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Cloud and third-party applications (automated warehouses, PDM, QMS, MMS…)

Achieve Operational Excellence with MASTER Factory


Average OEE Improvement


Increase in Equipment Uptime


Manufacturing Cost Reduction


Quality Improvement


Diminuzione del tempo di attraversamento

Reduced lead times

Miglioramento dell'efficienza produttiva

Increased production efficiency

Diminuzione del materiale circolante e delle scorte

Reduced supplies and rolling stock

Miglioramento della qualità prodotto

Increased product quality

Ottimizzazione dei processi di consegna

Optimized delivery processes

Centralizzazione del know-how del processo produttivo

Centralized know-how of the production process and reduced paper documents (paperless factory)

Integrazione con i sistemi di automazione

Integration with automation systems for complete factory synchronization

Integrabilità totale con applicativi di terze parti

Full integration with third- party applications





Built on Microsoft (platform .NET) open scalable architecture and based on industrial standards for information exchange between devices and applications (ISA95 compliance).


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Our experience allows us to promptly provide remote assistance on the entire production and management process by using the reliable ticketing system, tested over the years.

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Case study: Sariv is a company that since 2015 NTS Manufacturing – in which ARPA Technologies experience has been incorporated – supports the digitization process, which is constantly evolving. In order to In order to combine the principles of the Industry 4.0 philosophy, all of SARIV’s processes are managed and recorded on the digital platform which incorporates MES, ERP and quality control. This allows the company to obtain traceability of raw material, processes and tests which have been carried out on every batch of each product, as well as all operators involved, stock… LEARN MORE IN THE VIDEO

MASTER Factory, the custom made solution for the Manufacturing Execution System

NTS Manufacturing stems from the synergy between NTS Informatica and ARPA Technologies:

NTS Informatica: since 1989 are specialists in the development of management software solutions, specifically the ERP software Business Cube, developed using Microsoft.NET technology to supply high levels of performance, functionality and reliability, which is distributed throughout the entire Italian territory via authorized partners.

ARPA Technologies: since 1996 are specialists in design and development of software solutions for machinery automation, supervising the implementation lines and projects for Manufacturing Execution Systems, in particular the modular and scalable system MASTER Factory®, developed over years of studying manufacturing companies in order to meet all types of production process demands of any company size.

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